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Volcano tour Eyjafjallajokull (E15) 
View the effect after eruption

Off road luxury jeep tour everyday close to the volcano where the flood came from the glacier in eruption at Mt.Eyjafjallajokull. 
We walk behind the waterfall Seljalandsfoss 
Wiew the waterfall Gljufrabui.  
Gigjokull where the floods came from the eruption the year 2010
Breath-taking canyon Stakkholtsgja in Thorsmork that reminds us of Lord of the Rings and The Ring of the Nibelung 
We cross more than 30 rivers
The whole tour takes 8 hours.
Pick-up direct from hotels in Reykjavik at 10:00
Pick-up direct from hotels in Keflavik and Blue lagoon at: 09:20 
Payment at the tour cash or credit cards
Half price for children 0-11 years

Price 37.900 ISK -pp  
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We have warm overalls for all our customers

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All volcanic and geothermal areas, caves, glaciers and other out door trips are undertaken on the responsibility of its participants. Volcano Tours does not take any responsibility for accidents that occur to its customers on the company's trips.
For the reason of unstable weather in Iceland, Volcano Tours can’t guarantee a good view or sightings even though the tour is operated.
Volcano Tours reserve the right to change planned tour if roads are impossible or blocked.
Volcano Tours reserve the right to cancel tours in case of bad weather or other bad circumstances
Volcano Tours reserve the right to cancel tours if there is less then 2 booked on the tour
Passengers pay themselves entrance fees on tourist places.